Yet ANOTHER White Supremacist Who Did Fundraising For Ron Paul…

It’s like Pokeman at this point.. “Gotta catch them all!” He should make trading cards of all the racist that worked for him. Unfortunatly, there is a market for that. They support him..

Look- If Ronnie didn’t do the following, perhaps my perception would be different:

  1. Publish a disgusting, racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic newsletter.
  2. Take campaign endorsements from hate groups, white nationalists, neo-nazis and former Grand Wizards of the KKK (yes, more than one- there have been a few)
  3. Work with prominent leaders of racist organizations.
  4. And get caught with so many of these people.. 

If these things never happened, then perhaps I wouldn’t think Ron Paul is a racist, repugnant, turd. The fact is, these things are real, and it’s alarming. In 2007, Ron Paul’s campaign manager Kent Snyder, posted the following: 

"Yesterday evening, Dr. Paul attended a fundraising dinner at the home of Bill Johnson.  Tickets were $2,000 per person.  Sold out!"

So who is Bill Johnson?

William Daniel Johnson is, YOU GUESSED IT!.. a white supremacist, and white nationalist. In 2008, Johnson ran for a seat on the Los Angeles Superior Court and was initially endorsed in that race by Ron Paul. As soon as people discovered his involvement with white supremacist hate groups, Ron Paul cut ties. This is Ron Paul’s M.O. He did this with a his former campaign coordinator/KKK member Randy Grey,  as well as with James Von Brunn, and Don Black. Maybe people forgot what these hate groups and racist stand for? Maybe they don’t realize their beliefs, I really don’t get it. Wouldn’t you be 100% certain about who you work with if people think you might be racist? Wouldn’t you speak against them and hand them back their dirty money? I would make damn certain that my views did NOT align with anyone like that if I were Ron Paul yet still, he doesn’t.

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