Dear occupy movement,

I love you.

"Some 20 protesters interrupted the start of a Ron Paul event at the Iowa State Fairgrounds just as the GOP candidate and Texas Representative began to speak, at about 7:30 p.m. local time.”

"Ron Paul, why do you hate gays," Heaven Ryan, 16, shouted."

"Ron Paul You say you want to repeal Roe v Wade! What makes you think the state has the right to control a woman’s reproductive decisions?”

"You say you want every child to have a chance to live! How will those children eat when you eliminate essential programs like WIC and food assistance?"

"Where will those children live when you eliminate subsidized housing?"

"How will those children receive healthcare when you eliminate Medicaid?"

"How will those children get an education when you eliminate student aid?"

"Mr. Paul, you do not care about the children of the 99 percent!"

"You do not care about the rights of women!"

"You are a servant of the Patriarchy!"

"You are a servant of the 1 percent!"


 I would like to thank Jesus, Allah, Vishnu, Hashem, Jehovah, Apollo, Jah, Buddha, Andy Warhol and your mother..




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    Everyone notice Glenn Beck standing backstage to the left? THIS IS WHO SUPPORTS RON PAUL PEOPLE! jesus..
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    THIS!!!!!!! And all the Love!
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    I don’t trust Ron Paul…
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    Fuck you, Ron Paul. Don’t fucking mock people, and then pretend that you give a shit about them. Obama 2012.
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    We need more of this please.